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Are Flatweave Rugs Soft?

Are Flatweave Rugs Soft?

Flatweave rugs are a great addition to any room with their beautiful, flat designs, and versatility. They work great on their own to help brighten up a space, or you can layer them with other rugs. 

Unlike other types of rugs that use a looping and piling method to create fluffiness, the creation process of flatweave rugs uses weaving or interlacing techniques on a large loom. The process does not use knots. Due to this process, the rug is typically reversible because the design is the same on each side, and there is no backing. 

With this weaving method in mind, are flatweave rugs soft? The short answer is yes. However, they are soft in their own way and feel different from other kinds of rugs. It all depends on the type of material and technique that was used when creating your flatweave rug.

What Makes a Flatweave Rug Soft?

The softness of a flatweave rug largely depends on the thread material and how tight the rug was woven. You have two options when it comes to shopping for a flatweave rug, including natural materials or synthetic, man-made materials. 

You might notice that natural materials, such as wool or cotton, are softer to the touch than man-made materials like polyester. Most people opt for flatweave rugs made with natural materials, especially if they will be in contact with skin often.

Besides the materials, the weaving process can also contribute to the softness of a flatweave rug. The tighter the rug maker weaves the rug, the smoother it will feel as the fibers stretch as far as they can handle. If the weaving is loose, it’ll feel a little rougher to the touch.

Different types of Flatweave Rugs

There is a long list of materials that your flatweave rug can use. Here are some of the most popular options you can find to purchase.


Wool is a soft and fuzzy coat that comes from animals. You'll often find that wool comes from sheep, but it can also come from goats and camels as well. For the sake of flatweave rugs, the wool fibers are most likely from sheep. Wool is soft to the touch as it is naturally fluffy and fleece-like.


Cotton comes from cotton plants and is a common material in clothing, as well as flatweave rugs. This natural fiber is typically white or cream-colored right off the plant, but companies dye it to get a whole spectrum of colors to create beautiful rug designs. Cotton is naturally soft and fluffy, so it makes soft flatweave rugs.


Jute comes from the inner bark layers of Corchorus plants. Once the fibers get harvested and soaked, they can feel smooth to the touch and have a slight shine to them. The material is common in rugs, furniture, and bags.


Sisal is a stiff fiber that comes from a plant within the Agave family. You can use the plant for tequila-like alcohol, rope, cloth, paper, and other things like rugs. The fibers can feel slightly itchy and rough.

Nylon and Other Synthetic Materials

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that tends to have a silky texture, making it a generally good material for flatweave rugs. Other synthetic materials, such as polyester, have a rougher feel to them.

The Durability of a Flatweave Rug

Flatweave rugs are low to the floor due to the tight weaving process, making them more durable than other rugs. They can take a lot of damage. However, it is important to remember that synthetic rugs can be less durable than natural ones. 

Benefits of a Flatweave Rug 

Some benefits of opting for a flatweave rug include:

  • They are light due to their thinness and materials, making them easy to move around if you want to redecorate.
  • They can withstand high-traffic areas, kids, animals, and more!
  • You can vacuum and clean stains off these rugs easily.
  • They are affordable.
  • They don’t usually shed any fibers.

Looking for the Perfect Flatweave Rug?

Generally, flatweave rugs are soft to the touch, making them perfect for anyone’s home. The softness heavily relies on the materials used to make the rug.

If you’re looking for a new rug, take a look at Resonnaire’s collection of flatweave rugs to help make your space unique! Get in touch if you have any questions!

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