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Everything You Need To Know About Modern Moroccan Area Rugs

Everything You Need To Know About Modern Moroccan Area Rugs

Choosing a new decoration piece for household floors can be a difficult process, but classic Moroccan area rugs often solve this challenge. Colorfully abstract yet surprisingly versatile, modern Moroccan rugs remain one of the most intricate types of decor you can use to revitalize your home. With a rich history rooted in traditional culture combined with an array of styles and patterns, Moroccan area rugs can provide spaces with an exquisite finishing touch.

Keep reading to discover more about modern Moroccan rugs as well as how their asymmetric beauty makes the decor an appealing choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

What Are Moroccan Area Rugs?

Moroccan rugs are textile floor coverings woven out of wool by the indigenous Berber tribe of Morocco, hence why they are also known as Berber rugs. These flat-woven carpets are traditionally crafted for their utility. However, they are now widely renowned by individuals across the globe seeking their uniquely-arranged designs for the purposes of collecting and decorating. The highly-esteemed traditional craft of Moroccan rug-making is dominated by workers who neither seek nor own formal artistic training. This imbues each individual piece with a personal sense of flair by a weaver and produces one-of-a-kind characteristics related to design.

History of Moroccan Area Rugs

Moroccan rugs trace their roots back to 7th century AD, a period in history when they were traditionally woven by Berber women living in Northern Africa and the Sahara. We can observe that the origins of native Moroccan area rugs are deeply ingrained in the unique climate of the Moroccan region. Moroccan rugs can prioritize fabric thickness, allowing them to be useful in the snowy Atlas Mountains (hence the name of our Atlas rug!). On the other hand, Moroccan rugs can also be lightweight and thin, making them suitable for the hot, arid weather of the Sahara desert. Traditionally, Moroccan area rugs are crafted by nomadic tribes for bed coverings and sleeping mats, alongside their purposes of self-adornment and burial sheets.

The Different Types of Modern Moroccan Rugs

An assortment of various styles, patterns, and colors allow modern Moroccan rugs to be divided into several distinguishable types. While it’s commonly believed that only a few types of Moroccan rugs exist, over 40 Amazigh or Berber tribes exist that formulate their own unique sense of style, leading to a wide range of fabrics available on the market. These are a few of the most well-known styles of Moroccan area rugs.

  • Azilal Rugs: Azilal rugs are easily identified by their bold, bright colors and highly irregular patterns. Their intricate designs depicting archaic-looking diamonds and lines reflect the themes of ancestral myths. Azilal rugs have a thinly-peeled texture and usually come in ivory or cream. These modern Moroccan rugs remain our top choice for individuals attuned to modern art and who prefer a blast of color over monochrome.
  • Beni Ourain Rugs: Beni Ourain rugs come in neutral, cream-colored tones, and they are generally made out of natural wool free from synthetic dye. We can describe the design of Beni Ourain rugs as simple yet elegant. Their soft surface is adorned by nothing but straightforward geometric patterns. Beni Ourain rugs are suited for home and business owners who uphold minimalism in interior design.
  • Boucherouite Rugs: Boucherouite rugs are deemed the classic Moroccan area rugs, with their popularity owing to the distinctive way they are woven. These heavy wool rugs are crafted using old, knotted fabric, reflecting the transition from nomadic living to the industrial age. We highly favor the eco-friendliness and durability that these recycled rugs afford.

Our Collection of Modern Moroccan Area Rugs

Resonnaire aims to provide home and business owners interested in purchasing a modern Moroccan rug with a varied collection of carpets to choose from. Our best-selling AfellaAtlas, and Levi designs are meticulously handcrafted by artisans familiar with the ancient craft of Moroccan rug-making. For buyers seeking more affordable options, our Lalla and Jebel designs also provide a modern sense of appeal for reinvigorating living and office spaces.

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