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What Color Rug Should I Choose For a Gray Sofa?

What Color Rug Should I Choose For a Gray Sofa?

Rug and sofa shopping can both be challenging activities. It can often feel as if there are too many options to choose from. Not only that, but you must work with other colors, textures, fabrics, and decor in the room you are shopping for, making the adventure even more confusing and stressful. Add multiple opinions (partners, kids, parents, roommates) on top of that, and you may never want to go shopping again. While some people enjoy decorating a room and the entire process that comes along with it, it just isn’t for everyone. 

Thankfully, browsing for a rug can be simplified if you understand more about which color concepts vibe together and which might not look so great. 

This article will break it down for you so you can smoothly sail through your rug-shopping experience. Understand which color schemes go together and learn about which types of rugs go best with one of the most common living room selections––the gray sofa. Maybe you're in the market for a hand made Moroccan Rug

Top Interior Color Schemes for 2022

Before we get more in-depth with the popular gray sofa situation, get in touch with your inner interior designer and be inspired by some of the top color combinations for 2022. 

According to HGTV, these are some of the latest and greatest colors palettes to give your interior a fresh new look. 

  1. Very Peri: “The brand-new blue — a vivifying violet with electric red undertones — boasts both constancy and energy, consistency and excitement.”

  2. Evergreen Fog: “[It] signals growth, emergence, and new beginnings.”

  3. Aleutian: “The light washed indigo of is a stunning shade that promotes balance in our home and mental wellbeing.”

  4. Breezeway: “Breezeway’s hue serves as the foundation for a variety of design styles, moving easily from casual to coastal and modern to vintage styling perfect for home offices and living rooms.”

  5. Gilded Linen: “An organic, enveloping white that imparts natural grace to multi-use, open-plan spaces like this one.”

  6. Breathe: “The shade is tranquil and natural, bringing the outdoors in, which is especially important as the past couple of years have had us spending more time inside our homes.”

  7. Olive Sprig: “A muted, protean green — is the updated backdrop of choice for your treasures.”

  8. Guacamole: “For a more millennial-inspired look, homeowners can also pair Guacamole with gold and black accents to give the space a bit more edge.”

Before you browse for rugs, you will want to know what color scheme you want the room at hand to have. Once that is determined, the rest will come more naturally. 

Silk Contemporary Rug

Our Thames Powder Blue Silk Rug

Choosing a Rug Based on Furniture

When people shop for a rug, they are generally doing so due to one of the following scenarios. 

  • They are starting with a clean slate by decorating a brand new home. 
  • They are redecorating a current home with a new color palette, furniture, and decor. 
  • They need/want to replace their old rug, while everything else stays the same.

Regardless of the situation, choosing a rug for your living space can make or break it. No pressure, but a lot is riding on the right rug choice! 

When decorating a space, most people choose the colors they want first.  Next, they add in furniture that vibes with the colors, while lastly incorporating decor––such as a rug––to jazz the space up even more. Since the rug is the literal centerpiece of a room, it needs to make sense with the large pieces of furniture, such as the sofa. Choosing a rug with your sofa in mind can seem tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.

Pairing Your Rug With a Gray-Colored Sofa

The gray-colored sofa is ubiquitous throughout homes around the world. The color is versatile and always trending, and you really can’t go wrong with it. Most sofas exist in a living or family room where loved ones and friends gather, laugh, and love. Where there are sofas, rugs generally accompany them. Therefore, a good-looking gray sofa needs a sharp-looking rug to coordinate with it.

Gray is an easy color to pair with, although not everything goes with gray. 

When trying to determine which color rug should combine with a gray sofa, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you trying to tone down the color of your space with the rug?
  • Do you want your rug to be a pop of color or an accent piece? 
  • Will the texture of your sofa affect which texture the rug will be?

These are things to consider before shopping for the perfect rug.

Colors or combinations of colors that go perfectly with a gray sofa include:

  1. Classic black and white 
  2. Cream or another neutral tone
  3. Bright jewel tones
  4. Bold, warm colors for that perfect pop
  5. Gray on (another shade of) gray
  6. Soft colors for a minimalist look 
  7. Cool colors all around––think blue and green hues (Try this White and Blue Wool Rug)
  8. Two-toned patterned rug that go with the walls

A few more things to think about are the colors and textures of the pillows on your sofa. Do you want them to be similar or different from your rug? Textures are always fun to mix and match around a room to add movement and intrigue. 

Whatever you decide upon, have some fun and let your personality come out to play! 

To make your rug-shopping experience more enjoyable and easy, visit Resonnaire’s online gallery of rugs. It is categorized by any style, fabric, or color you can think of. Browse their selection and choose the perfect rug that satisfies your inner interior designer. 

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