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White Moroccan Wool Rug

Our Favorite Selection of Moroccan Rugs

Are you looking for a luxurious rug that also has some exotic flair and an interesting appeal? Are you bored with your current, dull rug that adds nothing exciting to the room? Whatever the reasoning behind switching things up, there is a certain type of rug that might be just what you’re looking for. Moroccan rugs embody unique aspects that no other type of rug offers. Most people aren’t aware that the Moroccan rug has quite the past. Its origin dates back thousands of years, and its history is rich in culture, royalty, and tradition. What other rug variety can you say that about? 

Moroccan rugs are a definite favorite at Resonnaire, where they sell a fine selection made by artisans who are trained in traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. Purchasing one will create a sense of style and design that your home did not have before. 

What Are Moroccan Rugs

Hence the name, Moroccan rugs are native to Morocco, which is in the western part of North Africa. When speaking of Moroccan rugs, you will also notice people referring to them as Berber or Amazigh rugs. Both indigenous people from the Berber tribe and native Moroccans designed and hand-wove these rugs as early as 622 AD. Women and children would take part in making the rugs to use as carpets, bedding, mats, saddle blankets, and even burial shrouds. The people from our past thankfully continued the tradition throughout generations, which we can see in the unique and beautiful designs today. 

The excellence of Moroccan rugs was once and still is, made for royalty. They have been present in palaces, used in sacred rituals, and were and are a part of traditions and celebrations all over the world. 

Over the years, other countries adopted the Moroccan style and recreated its different characteristics and designs. Moroccan rugs are now sold almost anywhere you can find great quality rugs

Common characteristics of Moroccan rugs are the asymmetrical and geometric patterns you will see woven into them. They are traditionally made out of wool, and in the past, they were made from sheep from the Atlas Mountains. Color is also an important attribute in a Moroccan rug, but they can vary. Some are neutral with an intricate design, while others are vibrant and wild. An interesting fact about Moroccan rugs is that some designs tell a story. The weaver of the rug, especially if you find yourself an ancient or vintage rug, may have woven a motif into it with symbols that portray a story or an event. Rug-weaving was and is a form of self-expression––not always to create a functional textile. 

Moroccan rugs are highly popular in the United States and are commonly seen in rug and home stores. They are the choice of many top interior designers and can be seen in celebrity homes––if you get the chance to peek in. 

Even the home design experts at Architectural Digest tout on Moroccan rugs:

“Moroccan rugs are often a decor must-have for design enthusiasts because they tend to be one-of-a-kind, statement-making pieces that give any room a special feel. Their tones range from extraordinarily vibrant to neutral, in either distinct patterns or more free-form designs. Often boasting patterns that symbolize fertility, survival, and the natural world, these handcrafted works of art are much more complex than your everyday rug. Due to their understated elegance and endless variety, they work just as well with contemporary maximalist interiors as they do with relaxed, eclectic settings.”

Despite what many people think, Moroccan rugs are not just one single type. There are various to choose from. 

Types of Moroccan Rugs

To get a bit more technical, there are various types of Moroccan rugs to choose from. Some of the more common types are listed here. However, there are hundreds of specific types if you take into account all of the Indigenous tribes and individuals who design and weave their unique Moroccan rug. 

With that being said, it would be difficult to discuss every type and style of Moroccan rug here. Common Moroccan rug-types are the Azilal, Boujad, Boucherouite, Beni Ourain, Kilim, Taznakht, and Zanafi rugs. 

Resonnaire has a few of these types of Moroccan rugs easily available for purchase with one click of the mouse. 

White and Blue Wool Rug Moroccan

All About Our Favorite Moroccan Rugs

At Resonnaire, we pride ourselves in our fine selection of luxurious and eclectic Moroccan rugs. High-quality and craftsmanship is what you’ll find when you browse the choices available. 

1. Taska

The Taska rug has been hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand wool. It is simple yet stylish and can vibe with many moods. 

2. Angour

This Moroccan rug is similar to the Taska but with a varied style and design. It is plush, natural, and everything you want in a rug.

3. Afella 

The Afella rug is more intricately designed than the prior two, giving off a wild, natural vibe that reminds you of the Indigenous people who first created the Moroccan rug. 

4. Jebel

Feeling cozy? The Jebel rug is just what your feet––or body––ordered. Walk, sit, or lay on the cloud-like fabric. 

5. Lalla

This white moroccan wool rug is quite similar to the Afella rug in its free-roaming design. It is also made from 100% New Zealand wool––get ready for the warm fuzzies beneath your feet. 

6. Atlas

The Atlas rug has a simple yet wild design. Its cream and gray colors offer a modern look but also display the traditional Moroccan look. 

Any of these Moroccan rugs would look lovely in your home. Whether it be near a warm fireplace to cozy up on, as a main statement piece hung on a wall, or a home office addition, a high-quality, wool Moroccan rug is the perfect choice. If you’re in the market for one of these types of rugs, don’t forget to browse Resonnaire’s favorites. 

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