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Choosing the Perfect Bamboo Silk Rug

Choosing the Perfect Bamboo Silk Rug

Bamboo silk comes from various species of bamboo plants that grow in Asia. It is a more durable, less expensive alternative to authentic silk.

Several qualities of bamboo silk make it an excellent material for rugs. Here you'll find a complete guide to choosing the perfect bamboo silk rug to accent your home or office. 

What Is Bamboo Silk?

Bamboo silk sounds like a contradiction at first. How can a shiny, delicate material come from a plant? A mechanical process crushes the woody part of the plant, turning it into pulp. The natural fibers get combed out and spun into yarn. The result is a silk-like fiber that is durable, economical, sustainable, and absorbent to color

Other names for bamboo silk are Rayon, Bamboo Viscose, and art silk (artificial silk). 

The process of creating bamboo silk

Manufacturers began making artificial silk during WWII when the supply of silk from Japan dried up. The first art silk came from cellulose fiber from bamboo, soybeans, and other plants. Bamboo Viscose took center stage as the best material for a silk alternative.

Bamboo silk has fiber applications in fashion, household linens, and rugs

Bamboo Silk - The Perfect Rug Material

Bamboo Viscose is an exceptional alternative to pure silk for rugs to furnish your home or office. 

Environmentally Friendly Natural Fiber

Technically, silk is a natural material too. It comes mostly from mulberry silkworms in Asia. Bamboo is a highly-sustainable product that takes less time and investment to produce. 

Bamboo is among the fastest-growing grasses in Asia. Some species can grow three feet in one day. They grow well in nearly any soil and do not require irrigation or pesticides. The environmental impact of bamboo is negligible. 

Soft And Shiny Like Silk

Bamboo silk has proven to be the perfect alternative to genuine silk because the feel and look of the fibers are delicate and beautiful. The two fabrics are nearly indistinguishable from each other.


Silk is a brilliant fabric that many people enjoy. It is also one of the most expensive. You can enjoy the beauty and luxury of silk without the price tag when you substitute it with a bamboo silk rug. 


A bamboo silk rug can last many years. Some would tell you to avoid putting one in a high-traffic area because bamboo can be prone to crushing. But they are durable enough to withstand a decent amount of foot traffic. 

Compared to traditional silk rugs, bamboo viscose can stand more foot traffic and requires less maintenance. 

Highly Absorbent

Bamboo Viscose is an incredibly absorbent material. This characteristic has good and bad aspects.

A bamboo silk rug has a rich, durable color because it absorbs dye so thoroughly. You'll often find vibrant colors in bamboo rugs with engaging spatters of shading after they are dyed. This makes each piece unique and fitting for the room it adorns. 

One negative aspect of the high absorbency of bamboo silk is that stains set quickly. Quickly blot any spills with an undyed cloth. Follow these care instructions to keep your bamboo silk rug looking its best. 

Things To Consider

Choosing floor coverings can be a challenging aspect of furnishing your space. There are a few considerations when choosing the perfect bamboo silk rug. 


Bamboo silk rugs are durable, but the fibers are prone to crushing. An area with light to moderate traffic is better suited for this type of rug than a hall or entryway. Absorbency and staining are problematic for these rugs as well. A dining or bar area could expose your rug to spills. 


While bamboo viscose may seem high maintenance, its care is relatively easy. You can vacuum your bamboo silk rug with a non-roller brush attachment. Some vacuums allow you to turn off the spin brush. Vacuuming can be infrequent since the fibers don't hold onto debris. 

You can have a professional clean your rug regularly or when a spill happens. Be sure that you hire someone familiar with caring for viscose materials. Conventional steam cleaning uses too much water that can leave a permanent yellow stain on your rug. Harsh chemicals in some cleaning methods would damage the fibers as well. 

Bamboo Silk Rugs By Resonnaire

Resonnaire offers exquisite hand-loomed bamboo silk rugs in various patterns, colors, and sizes.

Thames Rug

The Thames Rug by Resonnaire

The Thames Rug features a motif of delicate pastels in three color palettes. The texture and swathes of Powder Blue, Vanilla, and Rust remind one of the Thames in England. A subtle mix of pastel and neutral, this 100% bamboo silk adds impressionistic elegance to any room. 

Giovanni Rug

The Giovanni Rug by Resonnaire

The Giovanni Rug offers a pop of contrasting colors that are at home in a modern or classic setting. Both elegant and rustic, this rug is perfect for gracing the floor of a luxurious rural home or apartment in a bustling city. A mix of PET yarn and wool makes this rug extra eco-friendly. 

Chantilly Rug

The Chantilly Rug by Resonnaire

The highly-textured Chantilly Rug is made of hand-loomed bamboo silk. The graceful blue and cream tones add sophistication to your office or comfort to your home. 

Avalon Rug

The Avalon Rug by Resonnaire

The Avalon Rug is an old-world style rug made from New Zealand wool and bamboo silk. This blend offers more durability with comparable softness and luxuriousness. The traditional Persian pattern mixed with modern texture sets this rug apart. 

Kupka Rug

The Kupka Rug by Resonnaire

The Kupka Rug blends wool and bamboo silk into the perfect statement piece. It's also a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. The beautiful shapes and lines provide texture, pattern, and contrast. 

Find the Perfect Bamboo Silk Rug

A bamboo silk rug is an economical and environmentally friendly way to furnish your space with an elegant statement piece. Bamboo Viscose is a less-expensive alternative to natural silk that brings the same level of comfort and luxury to your floor. 

Whether you are in the market for a new rug or just want to add a touch of elegance and richness to your room, Resonnaire's collection of rugs is a great place to begin your search. There is a style to suit every taste and choice, including Moroccan, Persian-inspired, contemporary, solid, abstract/geometric, and traditional

In addition, our rugs are crafted from sturdy and long-lasting fabrics such as wool, bamboo silk/wool, silk, and cotton/wool, guaranteeing that you get a durable and long-lasting addition to your house. 

In addition, the collection contains a number of construction styles, such as hand-knotted, flatweave, and handcrafted, giving you a wide range of options from which to pick. 

Whether you want to bring comfort to your bedroom or sophistication to your living area, our collection of rugs has something for you. Explore our collections by style, material, or construction to find a rug that fits your needs and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Browse our collection today to find the perfect bamboo silk rug.

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