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What is a Contemporary Rug?

What is a Contemporary Rug?

Contemporary rugs are among the most popular types on the market, especially for someone looking for something a bit more inexpensive. Whether you’re updating an office, buying a trendy rug for your child’s dorm room, or looking in a magazine for something to copy, a contemporary rug will fit your needs. No matter what store you browse, in person or online, there are a plethora of gorgeous contemporary rugs out there to choose from. And just because they aren’t the same as traditional rugs doesn’t mean that they aren’t luxury. Many contemporary rugs are expertly designed and created with care and made from fine materials such as other rugs. 

What is a contemporary rug, and how does one differ from a traditional or modern rug? And what are some reasons why choosing this type of rug might benefit you over another type? 

Let’s dig in. 

Contemporary Versus Modern and Traditional 

Contemporary rugs are those in style right now. Think about the popular rug trends you see online or in magazines. The word "contemporary" defines what's fashionable at any moment; therefore, these rugs will change over time just like everything else does. A few years ago, what was in the contemporary category might not be today. 

While modern rugs have a more minimalistic design, most often from the mid-century, contemporary rugs are up to date with all the latest trends. To be exact, rug experts say that modern rugs are characterized by a specific period between the 1920s and 1950s. However, there may come a time when modern and contemporary rugs are the same things. Mid-century modern is trending as we speak, so technically, a modern rug with this style is also considered a contemporary rug. 

Traditional rugs, on the other hand, are classically-designed and typically fall under the Persian, Oriental, and Turkish categories. These rugs offer history and culture and are created in a meticulous, time-consuming way, making them much more expensive than contemporary rugs. One example is our stunning white Moroccan rug

Do you want the best of both worlds? If you’re lucky, you can find a combination rug, somewhere between a historic classic (like Persian or Indian) mixed with trendy pop culture symbols and popular, in-style colors. 

Benefits of Owning a Contemporary Rug

If you’d rather keep up with the Joneses and aren’t too keen on the classics, owning a contemporary rug is your best bet. Here are just a few advantages to buying one. 

  • Style

You never will need to feel like your home is out of date and antiquated when owning a contemporary rug. If you’re looking for a change, you need to read a home decor magazine, go on Pinterest, or read an article online; they’ll give you the inside scoop on what colors are trending. Find out what styles are all the rage and what interior designers are buzzing about. 

  • Cost

These rugs are relatively inexpensive, which allows you to update your decor and create a new vibe whenever you feel like it. Not all, but many contemporary rugs are machine-made, which cuts down on the price, quality and uniqueness. Our rugs here at Resonnaire are hand made. 

  • Availability

A significant benefit of shopping for a new contemporary rug is that there is always enough to go around. Of course, a few rugs may be limited editions or sold out due to popular demand; however, most stores are in good supply with contemporary rugs. 

These three benefits are convenient to customers and are major reasons contemporary rugs are so popular. 

What Contemporary Rugs are Trending Right Now?

There's no denying that contemporary rugs have some of the most popular colors and designs today. Stay relevant with what’s in style so you can add a touch of elegance to your home ASAP. 

Geometric Patterns are All The Rage

Geometric patterns are back in style but don’t forfeit refinement on just any patterned rug. 

Wilshire contemporary rug

The Wilshire, made from pure New Zealand wool, has a zig-zaggy, geometric pattern that is still classy and sophisticated. This rug is a perfect balance of traditional and modern design elements. Skilled artisans have ensured that this stunning piece will last for years without sacrificing comfort or quality!

Muted Natural Tones are Chic

Think of light tans, grays, and browns. 

The Thames rug in the vanilla option is a natural-colored work of art. The muted colors and design combine to create an almost spiritual feeling, and the bamboo silk creates a softness beneath your feet that other materials cannot compete with. 

Add Some Whimsy With Antique and Vintage-Inspired

The old is the new! Vintage and antique-looking rugs are back in style with a contemporary twist.

Inspired by the antique Turkish Oushak rugs, the Juliette rug is hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand wool. It will bring tradition, culture, and beautiful design to your living space. So if you’re looking for that antique aesthetic, look no further than the Juliette. 

Stay up to date with contemporary looks by shopping for your new rug with Resonnaire. 


Contemporary rugs are a great way to keep your home looking trendy and stylish. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can find the perfect one for your space. Additionally, they are cost-effective, which means you can buy more than one without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your décor, contemporary rugs are a great option. Shop for one now and choose from Resonnaire’s selection of beautiful contemporary rugs!

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