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How Do I Keep My Rug From Sliding

How Do I Keep My Rug From Sliding

Slipping and sliding around each time you step onto your rug is a risk you don’t want to take. This is especially true if you have children, elderly relatives, or have guests in your home. Loose rugs cause tens of thousands of hospital visits each year due to injury––and all of these could have been avoided. Not only are slippery rugs dangerous, but they are also unappealing to look at when they are off-kilter and disturbed. Unless you’re going for a messy, lackadaisical look, it’s best to keep your rug in its place. Thankfully, there are many different ways to keep your rug from sliding, no matter the size, material, or location. 

We are in a do-it-yourself world where you can practically do anything on your own with a little research and effort. And if you’re not into the DIY concept, there are already numerous products available for you to buy that will fix almost any problem. With that being said, you are in just the right place to learn about both approaches.

Thinking Outside of the Box 

If your rug is on a smooth surface, such as tile, hardwood, laminate, or marble flooring, no matter what type of material it is made up of, it’s bound to slide. If the rug is in a low-traffic area of the home, this might not seem like a big deal, but you also don’t want to take the risk of someone getting hurt in the future. If your rug is shifting and sliding, simply take a few minutes to correct the situation––because that’s all it takes once you have the product you want to use. There often is no need to go out and buy an official, and sometimes quite expensive) rug mat or pad. You can make your rug a non-slip rug all on your own. 

Home decor blogs, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media outlets provide a world of information on this topic. Below are some of the top DIY tried and true non-slip rug techniques. 

Non-slip Rug Pad

1. Resonnaire Rug Pad

Here at Resonnaire we sell the perfect non-slip solution for your rug of choice. Keep your rug in place and protect its integrity with this essential non-slip 10x14 rug pad, featuring a sturdy-grip backing to prevent slipping and bunching.

Our convenient rug pad comes in many dimensions:
  • 6X9
  • 8X9
  • 9X12
  • 10X14
  • 12X15
  • 14X18


If you're investing in a quality rug a rug pad is a must purchase for wood floors. Protect your home investment. Home solutions may be fine for lower quality rugs, but if you're purchasing a high quality white moroccan wool rug like the Atlas you will want to go the Resonnaire rug pad route. 

2. Silicone Caulking

Yoga and pilates fans––your grippy socks have silicone dots on the bottom to keep you from slipping when you’re trying out a new pose. For this approach, buy clear silicone caulk with a squeeze tube or with a gun. You’ll also need something to spread it with––although, you can use anything around the house that you don’t mind getting sticky. Simply go down all four sides (or whatever shape your rug is) with the caulking while spreading, or smoothing it down as you go. Make sure you wait for the silicone to dry completely before testing it out.

3. Rubber Shelf Liner

Many of you have used this product to line your cabinets and drawers. You can find the material in just about any color and it is much cheaper than buying a waffle rug pad. It has the perfect stickiness to ensure your rug stays in place. Due to the small size choices available, you can glue or tape them together as you go. 

The only downside to this option is that it can potentially react to certain types of floor finishing causing damage. Depending on what type of floors you have, using rubber shelf liner may or may not be your preference.

4. Gripper Tape

Gripper tape is commonly used as a non-slip rug remedy. It can be purchased online or at any home improvement or home goods store. Gripper tape generally comes in rolls with a 2 or 3-inch width. Roll it onto the sides of the back of the rug and carefully place your rug where you want it. It’s a simple and easy option, and the rug can always be repositioned if necessary.  

Slip no more! 

Regardless of the approach you choose, the ultimate goal is to not slip and slide around, potentially causing an injury to yourself or a loved one. Whether you’re shopping for a new rug and being proactive or already have the perfect rug at home that needs some grip, it’s always beneficial to know this kind of information upfront. Remember––you don’t have to spend a lot to get the results you want. Easy do-it-yourself projects like these will keep money in your bank and give you a sense of pride. 

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