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Area Rugs Are Perfect to Place Under a Dining Room Table

Area Rugs Are Perfect to Place Under a Dining Room Table

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your dining room décor? Why not try adding an area rug! Area rugs are a great way to add personality and color to a room and can be used to designate specific areas. When shopping for an area rug, it's important to keep room size, aesthetic and vibe, and furniture placement in mind. Not only will placing an area rug under a dining room table add a pop of color and charm to the space, but it can also help protect your flooring from wear and tear.

There are four main benefits to putting an area rug underneath your dining room table.

If you’re on the fence about going this route, keep reading, and we’ll help you decide. 

Reasons to Place an Area Rug Under a Dining Room Table

1. They add visual interest and texture to the space

This is the most obvious benefit of having an area rug, right? Colorfully-designed rugs with texture bring a room together, add a pop of color where needed, and play off other decor and colors in the room. The texture in a space is key –– rugs with various textures can create visual interest and add depth to a space. Dining rooms frequently seem bland, but adding a luxurious area rug under your table will fix that. Try a stunning wool moroccan rug

2. They protect your flooring from damage

A rug can be a great way to protect your flooring from damage, but only if it’s placed in the right spot. In the dining room, chairs can easily scratch vulnerable, uncarpeted flooring when moved around. If you have expensive hardwood floors, you want to limit its contact with food and water, especially red wine! While you probably don’t want your nice rug to get the brunt of the spills, you can easily vacuum and spot-clean your rug when a mess occurs. 

3. They help to keep your feet warm in the winter months. 

During cold, drafty days, area rugs can provide extra warmth and comfort underfoot. Dining rooms that have windows and hard floors tend to get chilly quickly. Instead of shivering while eating, choose a soft, plush area rug under the dining room table. 

4. They can enhance acoustics in the room.

Depending on their material and construction quality, area rugs can provide insulation and noise reduction, especially if you have hard flooring in the dining room. While everyone is sitting around the table conversing and clinging silverware and plates together, your area rug can help absorb all those sounds. 

Blue Cora Silk Rug

One last note on area rugs for the dining room: Be sure to choose a rug that's the right size for the space. You want it to be large enough to cover the surface area but not so large that it overwhelms the room.


Adding an area rug underneath a dining room table isn't a novel idea, and there are multiple benefits to doing so. While it might seem like the only advantage is to add color and texture to the room, the others listed are quite practical and make a lot of sense. Browse Resonnaire Home’s complete catalog of luxury rugs and decide if transforming your dining room makes sense. 

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